Operation 8am~8pm ‘ Movement Control Order’ (MCO)

Iqsyam Isbah

Last Update vor 2 Jahren

All operations in each state has been paused due to MCO. However, given the unavoidable needs, we would only recommend contacting us regarding any rentals starting before 1st May. But only for the following cases:

Emergency Travel Needs

  • Health Emergency
  • Personal or Family Emergency

Essential Travel Needs

  • Grocery or Pharmacy Visit
  • Work-related to essential service providers (Grabfood, ZeptoExpress, Thelorry, Lalamove etc)

The operation hours will be 8am to 8pm only.

Note: We can only facilitate those who have valid passes to commute and are working tirelessly to help Malaysians fight the Covid 19. Please ensure you have a valid pass to move around or/and employee ID card of the essential service provider as notified by the local authorities and numbers of travelers/passengers for each trip are limited.

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