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Iqsyam Isbah

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Things that need to be done before collecting your car:

1. Contact your WaHero person in charge 30 minutes before collecting your car. You must inform your PIC if you are stuck in traffic and may be late for vehicle collection. Failure to inform your PIC about your delay can cause you to wait longer before you can take your vehicle because each PIC has its schedule to serve customers.

2. Bring driver's ic/passport and driving license. It is for verification purposes. We only allow the driver, as stated in your booking, to pick up the car.

3. Bring your checkout slip. You can save it on your phone or capture a screenshot of your checkout slip and show it to the person in charge before picking up your vehicle.

4. Sign the e-inspection form. The purpose of completing the inspection form is to ensure you check the condition of the vehicle, whether it is in good condition, and mark for existing scratches or dents.

5. Get the key and drive. 

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