Summons and damages, how do I clarify?

Iqsyam Isbah

Last Update vor 2 Jahren

Claim normally can be divided into 2(two) category that is summon and damages:


For summon, WAHDAH will check each of car summon after they return the car by using MyEg application. Summon include speed limit summon, parking offence and etc.


We will check the condition of car before and after we serve it to our customer. If we find a new scratch mark or any abnormalities when we received back the car, we will send it to be repair and we will notify the repair cost via email. You need to make the payment by using link given from the email you receive from us. If the amount exceed your deposit value, you will receive overlimit claim email from us and need to make payment through given link. So make sure you check everything before/after you receive the car.

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