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The claim can usually be divided into three categories which are fuel charges, summons and damages:

Fuel Charges

We will give you a full tank of petrol upon the car collection, if the vehicle is returned with less fuel, the difference shall be charged at a rate, which may include processing fees.


WAHDAH will use the MyEg application to check each vehicle summon once the vehicle is returned. Summon includes speed limit violations, parking violations, and so on.

However, it is well known that the authorities frequently release summon reports for AES late. The authority's report might take up to 9 months to arrive. If this is the case, WAHDAH will contact you to settle the claim after receiving verification of the report on the registered car during your rental.

AES (Automated Enforcement Systems) is the road safety enforcement system to monitor all federal roads, highways, and expressways in Malaysia.


We will check the car's condition before and after serving it to our customers. If we find a new scratch mark or any abnormalities when we receive the vehicle back, we will send it to be repaired and notify the repair cost via email. You need to make the payment by using the link in our email. If the amount exceeds your deposit value, you will receive an over-limit claim email from us and need to pay through the given link. So make sure you check everything before/after you receive the car.

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