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Last updated: 04/05/20

  • If your booking is for a rental starting in 7th May or later you can manage your New booking on this website.
  • If your booking is within the same state starting before 10th May you can place your booking on this website.
  • If your booking is interstate or within different state, starts before the 7th May and is directly impacted by a 'Movement Control Order' please Live chat, or +6016 277 4594 (Hotline).
  • However, given the unavoidable needs, we would only recommend contacting us regarding any rentals starting before 1st May. But only for the following cases:

Emergency Travel Needs

  • Health Emergency
  • Personal or Family Emergency

Essential Travel Needs

  • Grocery or Pharmacy Visit
  • Work-related to essential service providers (Grabfood, ZeptoExpress, Thelorry, Lalamove etc)

Note: We only facilitate those who have valid passes to commute and are working tirelessly to help Malaysians fight the Covid 19. Please ensure you have a valid pass to move around or/and employee ID card of the essential service provider as notified by the local authorities and numbers of travelers/passengers for each trip are limited.

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