What is Excess Cover?

Iqsyam Isbah

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To explain what Excess Cover is, it’s important to understand what ‘excess’ is. Excess (known as deductible) is what you’re liable to pay in the event of an accident or damage is caused to your rental vehicle. Which result to the car to be loss of use. Excess Cover is the insurance that you can purchase to help cover the excess from our add-on lists.

We do have offer Liability Reduction Option (LRO) and Super Liability Reduction Option (SLRO) in order to cover for those excess. Click here for more details.

The insurance will not cover for damage due to negligence, tyre punctures and burst tyres, fuel errors, lack of electricity because of forgotten turned off electrical devices, loss or damage to the vehicle accessories. Please refer to terms and conditions for further detail.

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