Why have I been charged processing fees?

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We would impose administrative or processing costs if there were any problems with your rental. You might feel that you were charged unfairly. However, here are some explanations for why we charge you for that, as well as specific difficulties that generally result in a processing charge fee:

1. Traffic or parking charge

We will contact the traffic authority if a speed or toll-road camera catches you or commit another traffic offenses. Once we get you, the management will charge you an administration fee. This covers the cost of informing the control and processing related documents.

2. Damages to the car

If the car gets damaged during your rental, you will likely pay an admin charge on top of any repair costs. This is usually called an ‘immobilisation’ charge. It covers the costs to the rental company of the car being off the road and unable to be rented out while being repaired.

3. Missing fuel

Our fuel policy is ‘full to full’; if you return the car without filling the tank back up, we will charge you for the missing fuel. The Extra fee would also likely be a charge to cover the cost of an employee filling the tank.

4. Cleaning the car

If your return your rental vehicle dirtier than expected, we will charge you cleaning fees. This is usually called a ‘valeting fee.’

5. Payment Gateway fees

For each transaction made on our website, there are merchant fees (payment gateway fees) that we have to pay to the provider, for instance, Paypal, Stripe, and Molpay.

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